House of Pain

Tyler Perry’s House of Payne sucks. Who watches this? I’ll save my judgment for his movies because I have never seen any of them. However, without even seeing it, I can tell you any Madea movie is attrocious. We live in an era where the President of the United States is African American. We have black lawyers, doctors, and other highly respected professions. However, Tyler Perry inists on making sitcoms that portray African-Americans as idiots.

I’m a bit of a hyporcrite because one of my favorite shows of all-time, Chappelle Show, had racial overtones. However, the Chappelle Show was making fun of how ridiculous racism was. When people watched Chappelle they were laughing with him but when people watch House of Payne you are laughing at him. If the show is NOT funny, basically your just watching a bunch of black people act retarded.

I watched an episode of House of Payne last night. I cracked a semi-smile once during the entire show. However, the smile didn’t even occur during the episode. I smiled when a commercial for Family Guy came on. The level of coonery in House of Payne is unbelievable. Calling House of Payne bad would be an understatement. House of Pain is a fucking abomination. Fuck you Tyler Perry. I remember when there were good black sitcoms like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Cosby Show. If you don’t believe me about how shitty this show is, just watch for yourself.


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