You are Not the Father

No matter how many times Maury does paternity tests on his show it never gets old. It’s kind of like watching a car accident or a train wreck. For some reason you can’t turn away. Although Maury exploits people and makes them look like assholes on national television, I like Maury. I like Maury because he clearly doesn’t give a fuck. He knows he’s exploiting these people but Maury is enjoying the “train-wreck” as much as we are. Whenever I think that my life sucks, I just put on Maury and I automatically feel better.

I find myself rooting for the male as if it were a sporting event. When Maury utters the phrase “you are not the father”, I cheer as if Frank Gore just ripped off a 85 yard touchdown. As ridiculous as Maury is, admit it, you love it too. Just watch this clip. I honestly don’t know what I enjoy more, Andrew poppin’ and lockin’, or Laquesha saying “I’m 5,000% sure”.


One Response to “You are Not the Father”

  1. Beauty And Best Says:

    I am a father buddy

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