Men’s Figure Skating

The Olympics are finally here. I have to admit that I enjoy the Summer Olympics way more than I do the Winter Olympics. There are so many ridiculous sports in the winter Olympics. For example, wtf is curling. If curling is an Winter Olympic sport, i think that beer pong should be a Summer Olympic sport.

Moreover, I saw this one sport where the competitors would cross country ski with a rifle on their back and then shoot targets. How the fuck are you going to combine cross country skiing with shooting. It’s like two guys were hanging out and A says “Let’s go hunting”, B says “Nah, Lets go skiing.” All of a sudden A is like “Eureeka!” You can’t just combine two activities that have NOTHING to Do with each other. That would be like combining WWF Wrestling with the NFL. Oh wait, they already did that. That worked out real well. Makes no sense, right?

I’ll admit it. I watch figure skating. However, I only watch pairs or women’s figure skating. Watching mens solo figure skating is NOT acceptable under any circumstance. Let me break it down for you. Watching figure skating is similar to watching porn. For example, its acceptable to watch a girl masturbate or use a dildo. It’s also acceptable to watch a man screw a girl, or a few men give it to a girl for that matter. However, it is NOT acceptable to watch some dude yacking his meat solo. If you do that you are gay.

The one thing that I don’t understand about figure skating is why do you have to look like such a fag to do it? Even if you are gay, what is up with the over the top flamboyant outfits. It’s like c’mon man. Look at these two cake boys. I’m not saying they are gay, but dressing like that does not give them a strong argument to the contrary.


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