I honestly can’t believe it took until 2010 to find out that every single All-Star in Major League Baseball was on steriods. It was so obvious. If anything, Barry Bonds and Jose Canseco gained about 40 lbs. of muscle during their respective careers. I don’t care how many power bars or cans of tuna that they ate, its impossible to do that without steriods.

Quite frankly, I don’t give a shit about steriods and I think that athletes should be able to juice themselves up as much as possible. It’s good for the game. I loved seeing Marc McGuire cracking homers out of the park. Noone wants to see Derek Jeter and Ichiro hitting line drives and singles.

Furthermore, noone dies from steriods. If steriods killed you Hulk Hogan and Arnold Schwarzenegger would be dead. I bet you can’t name anyone who died from steriods excpet Lyle Alzado. Alzado actually died from a combination of pain killers, steriods, and possibly cocaine.

I think it’s hilarious that these major leaguers actually tried to pretend that they weren’t juiced out of their minds. Just look at how obvious the pictures are. How the hell does one’s head get bigger Mr. Bonds? And Jason Giambi, are you fucking kidding me?


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