Cheatah Woods

I’m so sick all this coverage on Tiger Woods. Everyone needs to calm down. Tiger Woods is not the anti-christ. He cheated on his wife, big deal. People cheat on their spouses all of the time. If anything this just shows that Tiger is human. Politicians do this shit all the time. Lets not forget a few years back the president of the United States, Bill Clinton, spread his “message” all over a chubby intern in the oval office. Compared to the amount of pussy that John F. Kennedy was getting, Tiger Woods isn’t shit. Elliot Spitzer basically paid a mortgage payment to get some high class tail. The Democratic primaries didn’t stop John Edwards from getting his fuck on. Shit, even Thomas Jefferson was getting it on in the slave quarters. That dude had more illegitimate children than Shawn Kemp. Our country was basically built on dudes cheating on their wives.


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