Espn is lame

I hate the media. Espn recently suspended PTI host Tony Kornheiser, again. This time for criticizing the wardrobe of Sportscenter anchor Hannah Storm. His comments were neither sexist nor misogynistic. It sure as hell didn’t rise to the level of sexual harrassment. It was obvious that Kornheiser was joking. Why can’t anyone make a joke anymore without being called racist or sexist? I remember when Dana Jacobson drank a handle of greygoose and said “fuck touchdown Jesus” during a roast of fellow Espn employee Mike Golic.
All of a sudden she was the anti-christ.

People seem to forget a) it was a roast, b) she was wasted, and c) who fucking cares what fat ass Dana Jacobson thinks or says. If I ran the world tities would be popping out every Superbowl Sunday. Who gives a shit if old hillbilly Don Imus called the Rutgers basketball teams “nappy headed ho’s”? Did anyone even stop to consider “Hey, maybe they really are nappy headed ho’s?”

Take a look for yourself. Here, I’ll even give you the link.

Everyone is so worried about being politically correct. I say, who gives a rats ass. Furthermore, did you see what the hell she was wearing? Maybe Kornheiser would’ve kept his yap shut if she didn’t come to work looking like a reject from a bad Austin Powers movie. What was the name of that shitty one with Beyonce in it again? Do you know what type of 47 year old woman wears boots like that to work? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with the letter ‘M’ and ends with the letter “ILF”.

Espn is suppose to be a respectable news network, yet Storm comes to work looking like she’s going to hit up “cougar night” at your local watering hole. People need to lighten up. Like wtf, is she auditioning for a role as the proverbial “naughty librarian” in a new internet porn that I failed to hear about? I’m just waiting for Peter North to come on the set and ravage her. Look on the bright side, with Kornheiser out of the picture, it will free-up more airtime to run Tiger Woods stories. Yea!

See Hanna get stuffed at

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