The Curling Cougar

I used to think that curling was a sport for fat old white men with beer guts. At first glance, curling looked like the stupidest thing I have ever seen. The other day at the gym women’s curling came on. I decided to watch because I was running on the treadmill and it was the only thing on TV that didn’t have to do with Tiger Woods sexual escapades.

I was expecting bull-dykes akin to bowling, the WNBA, every softball player except Jennie Finch, and whatever other bullshit sports girls attempt to play. To my surprise, there were actually hot women participating in this sport. The captain of the Canadian team is a fucking cougar. How awesome is that?

Why do they separate men’s and women’s curling anyway? I don’t think you really need to possess any type of athletic ability to be a good curler. I would assume that women would be better at the sport because they are used to using a broom.


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