Prince of Persia

What is wrong with this picture? They are coming out with a movie based on the Playstation game Prince of Persia. But why the hell is Jake Gyllenhaal playing the role of the prince? I didn’t go to no fancy school or nothing but I expect the Prince of “PERSIA” to be…um, I dunno, PERSIAN!

The princess and Gyllenhaal’s love interest is played by Gemma Arterton, who is also white. They literally just coverd her head to toe in bronzer. Now I know it’s hip to hate on brown people because of that whole war in Iraq thing, but c’mon. The icing on the cake is that the only real brown guy in the film, Ben Kingsley, is the fucking bad guy.

There are plently of brown actors that they could have used to play the part of the prince. How about the guy who plays Sayid on Lost, that dude is baddass. Instead we are stuck with a motherfucking “Brokeback” prince.

You suck, Disney. Stick to making movies starring talking cats or golden retrievers playing basketball.


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