The Kissy Face

Stop it! This shit not cute whatsoever. Why do girls do this? Just look at how ridiculous this girl looks. Seriously, the “kissy face” is easily the second most obnoxious things a girl could do to piss me off. The first is the kissy face/peace sign combo. I was once friends with a girl on facebook who was tagged in over 1,000 photos, all of which consisted of her making this asinine face. I defriended her ass.

Who came up with this shit anyway? Do you really think your turning any guy on by taking pictures of yourself in the restroom while pouting your lips? Think about how absurd that is for a second. Heres a tip: you are not Angelina Jolie, you do NOT look sexy, and you sure as hell are not a fucking model. Knock it off already… go listen to Lady Ga Ga or something.

Likewise, if you are over 15 years old and pulling this nonsense, you should take about 18 vicoden the next time you consume your bullshit Green Apple Smrinoff Twist mixed drink.

Note: If you ever see a guy doing the kissy face, smash a beer bottle over his head.


One Response to “The Kissy Face”

  1. Staci Says:

    A-fucking-men!!!!!! Thank you for this!!!

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