It’s sad that your taxes don’t cover any medical. No medical. I think doctors make too much money, you know why? Because they don’t cure shit. Everything they cured, they cured like 70 years ago. The last disease a doctor cured was Polio. Polio!? When was the last time you callled into work and said “I’m sorry, I can’t come in today, my Polio is acting up.” NEVER.

They haven’t cured anything in a long time, man. You know, diseases are piling up, man, we have cancer, sickle cell, HIV, Hepatitis A & B, swine flu, ect. Come on, Man, get rid of something.

Some diseases, they just gave up on. They said: “To hell with it!” Like blindness. If you go blind, they won’t do anything for you. You go to a doctor, and tell him you’re blind, he says, “Hey why don’t you get this dog to drag your blind ass around.” Where’s the medicine? Where’s the science? “I’m blind!”, “I can’t see!” There’s people who can see perfectly fine that can’t handle a dog! Come on, give them a midget or something! You know, I’m just sayin…


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