For the Hate of Ray J

With the exception of perhaps Tila Tequila there is probably no person I hate more than Ray J. Seriously, Fuck Ray J. Always talking about how “fly” he is and shit. Get out of here. This asshole had the nerve to leave Reggie Bush a voicemail after he won the superbowl.

And while I’m at it, fuck Reggie Bush. Why does he have endorsements? Bush ran for an abysmal 390 yards last season. I could do that. Next Gayle Sayers my ass! Even Jason Snelling ran for 613 yards last season. Who? Yeah, Jason Snelling the backup fullback on the Atlanta Falcolns, you know…that guy. The best part of it is that he’s in a serious relationship with a chick that Ray J pissed on. Or as they say in the pornography industry, gave a golden shower. Reggie Bush, you suck man.

It’s obviously fake, but funny nonetheless.


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