The Curious Case of Jayson Williams

If you don’t know the back story on the accidental shooting that took place at Jayson Williams home in 2002 has a break down of what occurred then and why it has taken so long for Williams to be sentenced.  Williams potentially can be in prison for five years, but with good behavior he will be paroled after 18 months.

But I have an exercise for you.

It is called “Common Sense Law” and I want you to play along.  I am going to give you five different illegal offenses and then I am going to rank them in what I believe is the most to the least severe.

1- Accidentally shooting man to death at your home while playing around with a shotgun

2- Being the person financing a dog fighting operation ran by your family.

3- Accidentally shooting yourself with a gun with an expired license while trying to hand it over to security in the club.

4- A multiple felon trying to purchase illegal military firearms from an undercover FBI agent.

5- Accidentally killing a man while driving drunk/high.

Now using just “common sense law” here is how I would rank them.

1- Multiple felon trying to purchase guns.

2- Accidentally killing a man while playing with guns.

3- Accidentally killing a man while driving legally drunk.

4- Accidentally shooting yourself.

5- Running a dog fighting operation.

Now in this is what happened in reality with these jail sentences:

1- Dog Fighting operation. (Michael Vick)

2- Accidentally shooting yourself. (Plaxico Burress)

3- Accidentally killing man in your home. (Jayson Williams)

4- Multiple felon purchasing guns. (T.I.)

5- Accidentally killing man while legally driving drunk. (Donte Stallworth)

Yeah our society is backwards:

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