Lawrence Phillips


I am so sick and tired of seeing athletes dating reality show stars, cheating on their wives, and going on dancing with the starts.  Reggie Bush is perhaps the worst offender of this.  That is when he’s not taking pictures with his shirt off or running out of bounds, of course.  We need dudes like Lawrence Phillips back in the league.  Who?  You know that guy that the Rams drafted sixth overall in the 1996 NFL draft.  To call Phillips a “thug” would be like calling Jenna Jameson “promiscuous.”  Phillips could perhaps be the most ridiculous human being to ever don an NFL jersey. 

Phillips was a pretty crummy running back in the NFL.  He is best known for missing a crucial block on Aeneas Williams during a Monday Night game.  Williams killed Steve Young on the play.  Young never played another down in the NFL.  Seriously, I thought Steve Young was dead after this hit.  Then, Phillips basically became a one man crime wave after the 49ers released his ass.

How did Phillips even get drafted?  While at the University of Nebraska, Phillips attacked his girlfriend in her apartment and dragged her down her three flights of stairs, the prosecutor said.  Phillips punched a woman at a club in 1998, choked a woman in 2000 and choked another woman in Canada in 2003.

I’m not even making this up.  On August 21, 2005, Phillips was arrested for assault after allegedly driving a car into three teenagers, following a dispute with the teens during a pick-up football game in Los Angeles, California. At the time of the arrest, Phillips was wanted by the San Diego, California, police in connection with two alleged domestic abuse incidents involving a former girlfriend, who claimed that Phillips choked her to the point of unconsciousness during one of the incidents. In addition, the LAPD was seeking Phillips in connection with yet another, separate domestic abuse allegation that had occurred previously in Los Angeles.  On December 18, 2009, Phillips was sentenced to more than 31 years in prison for attacking his girlfriend and driving his car into three teens.  On the bright side, at least he’s not Rae Carruth.


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