The Demise of the Chapelle Show

Dave Chapelle was not crazy.  Here is the infamous pixies clip that caused Chapelle to quit the show.  Judging by my previous posts you can see that I love offensive jokes as much as the next man.  However, if you understand the culturally and historical concept of what I’m about to show you, then you will understand that it crossed the line.

This is like a Jew doing holocaust jokes.  Comedy Central wanted Dave Chapelle to do more of this kind of shit.  Chapelle said that he felt that the producers were no longer laughing with him but laughing at him.  55 million dollars is a lot of money to turn down, but I commend Chapelle for not selling out like Tyler Perry and putting more of this coon nonsense on TV. I mean it’s kinda funny but the blackface and sambo dance were definately overboard. Especially considering the demographic who watched the show. I mean this could’ve been funny sans the blackface.


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