Stuart Scott

Sip up that Hatorade boys and girls Madchuck is back.  Can anyone argue that Stuart Scott is not the worst ESPN reporter in the history of the network? The man cannot make it through a telecast without some reference to his Carolina roots. While reading a report during a March Madness, he made some reference to UNC not getting any respect. It was great when Linda Cohn finally told him to shut up. She said, “Hey Stuart, the Tarheels did not make the tournament. Didn’t you get the memo?”

Scott’s never ending attempt to bring a hip-hop flavor (or should I say “flava”) to ESPN has done nothing but turn off countless viewers. We don’t care if you’re African-American. So are many other reporters and they don’t make idiots out of themselves and shove their “blackness” down our throats. We also don’t care if Michael Jordan is one of your homies. You drop his name more times than Braylon Edwards drops the football. Please stick to reading the cue cards.

Will some one please explain to me why anyone puts up with Stuart Scott, and why including his annoying attempts at capitalizing on hip-hop vernacular was a good idea. When he said “all that and a bag of chips,” I laughed. When he moved to “cool as the other side of the pillow,” I cried. But when he started singing Soulja Boy after a wide-open lay-up, I wanted to KILL someone.


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