Barack Obama

Can somebody please enlighten me?  Why is everyone hating on Obama?  Everytime I go on Facebook, somebody has some anti-Obama propaganda as their status message.  So he must have did something terrible that I missed?  Did Obama start two illegal wars? Did he let an ENTIRE city sink underwater? Did he torture detainees in a secret prison? Did he start illegally tapping phones? Did he alienate the world and squander a budget surplus? Because if he did any of that shit, we need to impeach that jackass!

Alright, let me break it down for you.  Have you ever heard of the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers?  Who?  I swear, they are actually a division 1 football team.  They went 0-12 last season with ridiculously embarrasing losses to Tennesee 63-7, Middle Tennessee 62-24, and North Texas 68-49.  These guys fucking suck. They actually just fired their coach a month ago. Now imagine that they hired YOU as the replacement coach for the 2010 season. Now suppose you start the season off by losing your first two games (not by 50 points like your predecessor) and the fans start calling for your head.  I bet your response would be something to the effect of “bullshit, this team was fucked when I took the job.”  That’s how it feels to be Barack right now.  Bush fucked up the country six ways from Sunday, but people blame Obama for everything. All I hear is “facist”, “socialist”, “muslim”, ect. The other day a girl I know blamed Obama for failing her quiz. I’m not even making this shit up.

Seriously, I’m not trying to get all political and crap here, but sometimes I feel like I’m living in a crazy world. Am I the insane one here? Did anyone even read the healthcare bill? Or do you just bitch about it on facebook because FOXNews told you to do so?  Honestly, I am the ONLY person on the entire planet that remembers that Bush completely wrecked the economy? HELLO!!!

The problem I have with most republicans is that they refuse to admit when something is absurd. For example, regardles of your opinion on McCain, you have to admit Sarah Palin is a moron. The thought of her being President is asinine. That’s not even my opinion, it’s a fact. In all seriousness, I am more qualified to be President than that nonsensical bitch. 2012 my ass!

Now, if you wan’t to tell me “I didn’t vote for Obama because he is going to raise my taxes and I make a lot of money,” I get it. However, If you show me a person who can say with a straight face that Sarah Palin is not an idiot, I will show you a liar. Sarah Palin has the IQ of a second grader with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Does anyone even remember this…

Blame it on the Goose
Got ya feelin loose
Blame it on the Patron
Got ya in the zone
Blame it on O-O-O O-O-Obama Baby!


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