The No Spin Zone

I hate Bill O’ Reilly.  This cocksucker is the epitome of narcissm, and that means a lot coming from me.  Bill O’Reilly gets a major chubby every time he says the phrase “fair and balanced.” That’s my theory anyway, otherwise he wouldn’t say it in spite of the fact that FOX News’ slogan is: “we report, you decide.” I love that slogan, because it makes me feel empowered. They report, I DECIDE! Wow, it’s almost as if I’m being reminded that I still have the capacity for critical thinking, but only insofar as I tune into their network. Here’s a quick question to the executives at FOX News (because I know you assholes will eventually read this): why do you keep calling yourselves “fair and balanced?” Shouldn’t we DECIDE whether or not you’re “fair” and/or “balanced”? Is it even possible to be fair and unbalanced? Just let it go, it’s not witty, it’s not clever. It’s not even catchy. Let it go.


2 Responses to “The No Spin Zone”

  1. Ungro Says:

    Woops, jumped the shark.

    Fox News and Bush? Whats next, airline food?

  2. themadchuck Says:

    Airline is a good idea.

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