Skinny Jeans

newboyz2.jpg image by rightonmag

This needs to stop.  I hate dudes who wear skinny jeans.  I don’t consider myself a very violent person, but I would love to crack whoever started this absurd trend.  Skinny jeans are not stylish.  They can’t be comfortable.  And you look like a fucking faggot.  Call me old fashioned, but when I was growing up the only people who dressed like this were flaming homosexuals.  Remember when dudes played sports,drank beer, and got into fistfights?  Well the very existence of the male species is being threatened by dudes who wear nut-huggers like these.

Furthermore, every wannabe “new-age” rapper/rocker is wearing them.  Thus, people who wear these jeans are NOT being original.  Just like Von Dutch Hats, Ed Hardy, and chain wallets, I hope this shit comes to an end soon.  How the fuck do you even get jeans like that on?  Where do you store your wallet?   Hey asshole, why don’t you just buy a pair of jeans that fit properly!  God, I would love to fuck these dudes up.

 What kills me about people who dress like this is that you have to go out of your way to do it.  I mean, wearing skinny jeans is NOT comfortable.  Seriously, fuck hipsters.    Alright, skinny jeans are not all bad.  Apparently, they lower sperm count in those who wear them.  That is a good thing because  the cocksuckers who wear them will not be able to reproduce.  Natural Selection my friend.

If I ruled the world, hip-hop would go back to this-


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