Iron Mike

There are some peoople on this planet that are so absurd that I don’t even need to have a punchline to make them funny.  Would you believe me if I told you that this was the transcript of one of Mike Tyson’s press conferences verbatim?

“Put your mother in a straight jacket, you punk ass white boy! Come here and tell me that and I’ll fuck you in the ass, you punk white boy. You faggot. You can’t touch me, you’re not man enough. I eat your asshole alive you bitch. Fuck you you ho. Come say to my face and I fuck you for everybody. You bitch. Come on you bitch. You scared coward, you not man enough to fuck with me. You can’t last two minutes in my world bitch. Look at you, you scared now you ho. Scared like a little white pussy. Scared of the real man. I’ll fuck you till you love me faggot.”

If you don’t believe me watch the video.

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