Dog in Vegas


ok Everyone tell me what you think. i’m making a movie called dog in vegas.  It will be a summer blockbuster. Starring a golden retriever named “dog”. He doesn’t talk btw.  So it opens with dog getting kicked out of his house in vegas. At the same time David Spade is being evicted from his house so he tries to win some money at the casino. He ends up winning $1000 which gets blown away in the wind then dog comes across it and takes it to many casinos. He starts winning it big at the super casino. Lots of musical montages like james brown I Feel good and lots of scene’s of dog pushing in poker chips with that puppet paw thing then christiphor walken who is the casino’s manager notices that dog is winning lots of money so he tries to swindel dog out of his money and now David Spade and Christopher Walken are chasing dog from place to place at which point there is a montage of one way or another i’m gonna getcha getcha getcha ya know…that song. and one scene of dog running through a bar top and spilling a drink on Paris Hilton and she lowers her glasses and says hat’s not hot….yeah and uh David Spade and dog end up being pals somehow and stickin’ it to Christopher Walken. so yeah it’s a Disney Film and ya know i’m sure there’s gonna be sequels and stuff like dog in DC but yeah who knows. Tell me what you think?


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