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How High

October 13, 2010

reports today that Sunday morning two Washington State football players were arrested in Pullman on drug charges for allegedly having over three dozen marijuana plants in their residence.

Washington State players busted with 38 marijuana plants

(Agronomy Gone Wrong?)

Pullman police arrested redshirt freshman backup linebacker Jamal Atofau and redshirt freshman Andre Barrington, who is academically ineligible this semester, after finding 38 marijuana plants growing in a house they rented with two other men.

Pullman police spokesman Cmdr. Chris Tennant said that while executing an unrelated search warrant, they discovered the marijuana plants growing in a basement room. Later the cops found manufacturing equipment and paraphernalia. All four residents of the house, including the two football players, were arrested.


“We’re in a college town, it’s not that unusual to find five or six plants growing in somebody’s individual bedroom. Thirty-eight plants in a residence is quite a big deal for us.”

This is exactly like that Redman & Method Man movie How High.  Except it’s not funny… on second thought, yeah, it’s exactly like How High.


Menace 2 Society

October 2, 2010