Fan Beaten and Tasered at PNC Park in Pittsburgh

First let me say that nobody deserves to be beaten like that for no reason. With that being said, they are sooo lucky that they decided to beat up that bootleg Michael Chiklis in a 1987 USA windbreaker and not a brother. Because you know if that was a black dude getting beat like that… Rev. Al Sharpton would have been down there holding a press conference before they even got that guy out of the stadium. Did they really need to taze him? I mean he didn’t really do anything except reach for the nightstick in an attempt to prevent the cop from clobbering him again. Also, I love how nobody comes to this guys aid. Everyone is just chanting “USA, USA, USA”, like it’s a late 80’s WWF match between Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the Iron Sheik.

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