James Laurinaitis to the WWE?



Even though his father, WWE Hall of Famer, “Road Warrior” Animal has acclaimed success in professional wrestling as part of legendary tag-team, The Road Warriors alongside “Road Warrior” Hawk, James Laurinaitis has been notching up some success for himself as a member of NFL team, St. Louis Rams.

However, after seeing his father being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and the current NFL lockout, Laurinaitis noted that he would be open to joining the WWE in a recent interview.

Speaking to Matt Edwards of TheLantern.com, Laurinaitis noted that he would be open to joining the company if the NFL lockout continued and said that even though there is a 95% chance that all NFL owners and players will eventually settle their ongoing dispute, he is still open at taking up professional wrestling, as he feels it would be a natural transition.

Laurinaitis says that he may have to get in the ring a little bit and take on the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton.

AAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOHHHH WHAT A RUSH!!!!!    Best fucking tag team ever.   How sick would it be for a new Legion of Doom to come out.  Laurinatis would take over for his dad as Road Warrior Animal. Now we just need somoene to replace the late Road Warrior Hawk……. Got it!  Laurinaitis’s college teammate A.J. Hawk could become the new Road Warrior Hawk.  If Ochocinco can get away with playing soccer, James Laurinatis and A.J. Hawk should seriously consider becoming the Legion of Doom.


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