Too Fat for American Idol?

Dailymail – She had been given free tickets to attend the filming of American Idol and was understandably excited. But 19-year-old Ashley Kauffman’s joy soon turned to upset on being told she was ‘too big’ to sit in the front row. ‘There were two ladies and one said: “Oh no, you’re too big, too heavy to be in front!” ‘I was taken aback by it. I was hurt. My friends were completely taken back. ‘I’m the heavier one in our group but I’m not even that heavy,’ she said. ‘We were so excited,’ said Miss Kauffman. ‘I’m a big fan. To make matters worse Miss Kauffman and the two other girls were then seated in the back of the theatre rather than directly behind their other friends. ‘I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It’s still on my mind.’ Miss Kauffman, who is 5’2″ and around 150lbs, said she felt discriminated against at the event. ‘I want an apology. It was wrong,’ Miss Kauffman said. ‘I want to speak up and make sure it’s known how they treated me. Miss Kauffman said her weight gain had been the result of medical issues when she was younger. Doctors had thought she had endometriosis and had given her appropriate medication. But after surgery had found their diagnosis was wrong. Miss Kauffman said she stopped taking the medication but blames it for her weight gain. ‘It makes me mad that they would jump to the conclusion that I’m heavy because I eat a lot,’ she said about Idol staff.

And here we go with the excuses. Oh it’s not my fault I’m fat. I was misdiagnosed as a kid. I got tricked into eating a lot and not exercising, blah, blah, blah. Whatever honey. Fat is fat. So spare me the righteous indignation about how you weren’t allowed to sit in the front row with your skinny friends. Yeah no shit you weren’t. This isn’t some elementary school play. It’s fucking Hollywood. Fat people don’t sit in the front. Hell they shouldn’t even be allowed to sit in the back. People don’t tune in to see your fat ass jiggling all over the place. Bottomline is 5”2” 150 ain’t going to cut it. Drop 30 and then get back to me. Welcome to the real world. (Boston)


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