Nick Fariley Draft Stock?


According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Fairley missed his flight to the scouting combine, missed a team meeting while he was there and was late for a team interview at his Pro Day. This is a prospect that has a reputation for taking plays off, so this news won’t surprise some observers.

Alright.  You stupid, fat motherfucker… did you really miss a meeting at the NFL scouting combine?  About a month ago you were the consensus #1 overall but right now your stock is falling faster than Blockbuster Video.  I’ve seen lazy fattases like you before, i.e. Albert Haynesworth.  Let me ask you this? How the hell do you show up late for your own Pro Day?  This ain’t some Tyler Perry movie.  Get your head out of your ass before you end up playing for the Omaha Nighthawks like Maurice Clarett.


2 Responses to “Nick Fariley Draft Stock?”

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  2. fhfgrwrhgfh Says:


    […]Nick Fariley Draft Stock? « Madchuck Sports[…]…

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