Punjabi Style?


I’ve been with my current girlfriend for almost a year now and despite meeting her mom on one occasion, they hate me. They don’t want her dating out of their race/culture and it’s been really affecting our relationship. Her father showed up at my work when I wasn’t there so he had a conversation with my co-worker. He says that if I want to be with his daughter that I have to fight him Punjabi style. If you do a quick google search you can see that this shit is serious.  I really like this girl and we have a great relationship besides what I described above. Should I just end it now?

I consider myself a good guy. I treat her with the utmost respect and before all of this happened I could see myself being with her for a long time if not forever. It’s worth it for me, well, not the sword fighting, but the relationship. As far as she’s concerned she thinks that her parents will get over it.

I guess I’ll be speaking with her about this today. I’m considering taking sword fighting lessons.

 Okay, I’m really not going to fight him with fucking swords. That’s ridiculous. I’m looking for alternatives, and I think my best bet is to go to his house and talk to him like a civilized adult.

I’m planning on meeting him in a public place to talk about this. I’m going to man the fuck up and hopefully having people around will keep his temper under control. Also, it’ll prevent him from bringing a sword. I appreciate all the helpful suggestions.

I’m going to man the fuck up and grab a bottle of some nice whiskey or maybe a case of beers, show up at his house and ask to talk to and have a drink with him. Wish me luck. <<< This is probably a bad idea looking back at it. Bringing alcohol to a guy that wants to sword fight? Bad idea, I don’t know what I was thinking.  Any suggestions would help tremendously.


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