Ryan Mallet Caucasian Street Quarterback?

“For the lack of a better phrase, he’s kind of the first — and forgive this phrase — kind of the Caucasian street guy,” Dukes said on Wednesday’s edition of Total Access. “And what I mean by that, he’s got that Eminem, slash, ya know, Vanilla Ice thing that goes on.

“I just don’t think, truthfully, people are accustomed to seeing a quarterback . . . having a little street in him. And I think that’s kind of unsettling.”

Total Access host Rich Eisen had a pretty good line after Dukes’ observations, speaking of a fellow NFL Network on-set analyst:

“Trent Green may not have street in him. I bet he’s got cul-de-sac in him.”

I don’t understand why everybody has to be so P.C. nowadays. I think I know what Jamie Dukes was trying to say.   He was just too much of a pussy to just come out and say it.  However, comparing Mallet to Vanilla Ice and Eminem is just ridiculous though.

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