Man with Half a Face (Boston)

Phoenix – Alan John Shepard was minding his own business Monday morning when his meddling neighbors decided to call the police accusing him of peddling meth. Phoenix police officers showed up at his place, near 4th Avenue and Vineyard, with a search warrant in hand, and tagged him for dangerous drug transportation and misconduct involving weapons. Shepard’s a convicted felon so he doesn’t have the right to own a firearm, let alone keep a shotgun next to his bed, which is exactly what he was doing according to court records obtained by New Times.

Ain’t no such thing as Journalism anymore. It’s a dying industry. I mean peddling meth? Drug transportation? Weapons by the bed? Motherfucker this dude has half of a face on his head! He’s got no fucking mouth! How does he eat? How does he live? Where’s the other parts of his skull? Seriously that’s what I care about you reporter asshole. The people don’t give a fuck about court records and minor felonies. The people want to know why this asshole’s neck is attached directly to his mustache and that’s it.

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