Big Lenny Dykstra

DailyMailBankrupt former MLB star Lenny Dykstra allegedly told a prospective housekeeper he expected her to give him massages – then took all his clothes off and demanded a trial-run. The 48-year-old is now being investigated for lewd conduct after the woman complained to police about the interview at his California mansion. It comes just days after the former baseball player was released on bail following fraud charges. He is accused of illegally removing property from his home without permission from bankruptcy trustees. The unnamed 47-year-old woman made the complaint earlier this month after she answered a Craigslist advert to be his housekeeper, TMZ reports. She claims when she arrived at the house, thought to be his $18.5million Californian mansion, he told her she would be required to give him massages as well as clean. He then allegedly took all his clothes off and told her he couldn’t hire her until he had tried out her massaging skills, a police source told TMZ. The woman said she fled the house immediately and reported the incident to a police officer. Dykstra had previously claimed his former housekeeper’s son had stolen ‘everything’ from the mansion.

You know what I love about Lenny Dykstra?  He does not give a fuck.


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