NFL Lockout Over….for now?

MINNEAPOLIS — Judge Susan Nelson Monday granted the plaintiffs’ request for an injunction to lift the NFL lockout.

But perhaps the biggest development is that Nelson has decided not to stay the decision, which could force the league to open for business immediately. The NFL now must seek a stay with the Eighth Circuit, where the appeal would be heard, in order to prevent a potentially chaotic beginning to the 2011 league year.

Nelson’s decision in the Brady et al v. National Football League et al case comes on the heels of the mediation she appointed going into a nearly-month long recess, with U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan making the decision last Wednesday to adjourn the session until May 16.

The league will likely appeal Nelson’s decision swiftly, wanting to avoid the beginning of free agency and offseason programs with the potential that, if the Eighth Circuit rules in its favor, the lockout could be reinstituted in the coming weeks or months.

Now let’s get back to fucking football.  I’m tired of posting stories about dudes huffing paint.


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