The Most Disturbing Film Ever Made- A Serbain Film


I recently told somoene that the plot to a human centipede was the most disturbing thing that I ever heard.  Boy was I wrong.  Just read the fucking plot to this movie.  What. The. Fuck.

Miloš is a semi-retired Serbian porn star with a beautiful wife and young son. Although he is strapped financially, his home life is happy, and his biggest problem comes in the form of the jealousies of his brother, Marko, a corrupt police officer who envies Miloš’ family life.

Seeking one last big payday to make a clean break from pornography and secure his family’s financial future, Miloš is intrigued when one of his former co-stars, Lejla, approaches him with an offer to star in an “art film” being directed by Vukmir, a well-connected, independently wealthy pornographer who wants to cast Miloš for his legendary ability to get and maintain an erection with no visual or physical stimuli. When Vukmir offers Miloš a large sum of money to star in the film, Miloš reluctantly agrees, ambivalent towards Vukmir’s insistence that he must remain ignorant as to the plot of the film until shooting begins.[5][6]

Miloš is picked up the next morning and taken to an orphanage where he is supplied an earpiece by Vukmir’s driver, Rasa. A voice speaks to him from the earpiece, giving him instructions on what to do.[5] A film crew follows him around with cameras and puts him in various sexual situations to see how he will react.[7] Initially, it seems that Miloš is participating in a standard reality porn, until he’s led into a room and instructed to have sex with a physically abused woman while a young girl dressed like Alice in Wonderland watches. Miloš becomes enraged and refuses to continue, but is grabbed from behind and forced to stay. Later Vukmir shows Miloš another one of his projects: a film of Rasa helping a woman give birth to a baby girl; Rasa then proceeds to rape the newborn in what the director calls “newborn porn”.[8]

Miloš storms out to his car. There, he is approached by Vukmir’s doctor, an attractive woman, who begins to seduce him. Miloš suddenly wakes up in his bed three days later, bloodied and beaten and with no memory of what has happened. He returns to the set and finds a number of tapes. Viewing them, Miloš discovers that over the course of the previous three days, he was fed a mixture of drugs to induce a perpetually aggressive, sexually aroused, and suggestible state. Under the influence of the drugs, and at Vukmir’s insistence, Miloš brutally beats and rapes a nude woman handcuffed to a bed while Vukmir tells Miloš that she deserves it for cheating on her husband, a Serbian war hero. In the climax of this scene, Vukmir instructs Miloš to slice the woman’s head off with a machete in order to induce rigor mortis as he continues to have sex with her body. Another tape contains a scene in which Miloš is naked and chained to a bed face down. Two men enter the room, one holding a camera. The one without the camera begins sodomizing the unconscious Miloš. The final tape depicts Lejla chained and hanging in the middle of the room, all of her teeth having been removed; a masked man enters the room and forces his erect penis down her throat until she suffocates.[8][9]

Miloš follows clues from the tapes he has seen only to remember more horrific details about the three days he can’t remember. Miloš was taken into a room and made to sodomize a body hidden under covers. The masked man enters and begins to have sex with another body beside the one Miloš is raping. The masked man is revealed to be Miloš’ brother Marko, and the body he is raping is Miloš’ drugged wife. The covers are taken off of the body Miloš is raping to reveal his own son, also drugged. A melee ensues during which Miloš’ wife regains consciousness and Miloš manages to wrest a gun from one of Vukmir’s bodyguards. Miloš’ wife bludgeons Marko to death, while Miloš kills Vukmir and all but one of his bodyguards, which he only harms with two bullets shot in the bodyguard’s torso. Confronting the final bodyguard, Miloš knocks off his sunglasses and discovers that the man is missing an eye. He tries to shoot him but finds out that the gun is empty. Miloš jams his erect penis into the man’s empty eye socket, killing him.[8] He then knocks his wife unconscious and takes her and their son home, locking them in the basement before passing out. After remembering everything, Miloš gathers his family into bed and fatally shoots his wife, son, and himself. Sometime later, another film director enters, accompanied by another porn star and a film crew. The director instructs the actor to “start with the little one,” prompting the actor to unzip his trousers


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