Kenrick Ellis, Character Issues?

Jets third-round pick NT Kenrick Ellis is awaiting trial on a felony assault charge.
Ellis will stand trial on July 12 after he “allegedly broke the jaw and nose of a man last April in an altercation on the Hampton (Va.) University campus.” If convicted, he could face up to 20 years in prison. Ellis was also dismissed by the University of South Carolina after his freshman season due to “multiple” failed drug tests, necessitating his transfer. Defending the pick, GM Mike Tannenbaum said he performed a “rigorous” background check on Ellis, and that “based on all the information we have, we’re comfortable.” The Jets must be pretty confident he’s got a good case.

Wait. What?  Homeboy is facing 20 years in fucking prison?  That’s awesome.  Rex Ryan don’t give a fuck.  He just wants nasty motherfuckers on his defense.  Who gives a shit that this guy broke some dudes nose and jaw.  Kendrick Ellis is a beast!  I can just picture the conversation in the War Room.

Rex Ryan:  Draft that Perkins kid.

GM: But Coach, he’s facing up to 20 years in prison for felony assault.

Rex Ryan:  Good, that means he’s a tough motherfucker.  You heard what I said, draft him!

GM:  Are you sure about this coach?

Rex Ryan:  Yeah, I’m fucking sure.  Now let’s get a fuckin’ snack!


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