Terrorist Wreslters

About 6 years ago, WWE introduced some guy named Muhammad Hassan into the fold, who was ostensibly some sort of Middle Eastern asshole that everyone could boo. He would pull an Iron Shiek and insult the fuck out of America. They eventually had to pull him off the air after they straight made him a terrorist in this bit; the networks basically told the company that they weren’t going to air terrorist wrestlers kidnapping the Undertaker.

This is reason 420,323 that Vince McMahon should be Vice President. Like just look at how absurd this is. The terrorist wrestler getting on his knees, praying to allah and performing a fucking jihad on the Undertaker? You can’t even make this shit up. Man imagine the soundbytes. I mean Jesse Ventura was the governor of Minnesota and he sucks. Vince McMahon for Vice President!


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