This Guy Deserves Credit for Bin Laden’s Death?

(Denver Post) -Gary Faulkner, Greeley’s famed Osama bin Laden hunter, is overjoyed about the death of the terrorist leader and said it means he won’t have to return to Pakistan.
Last June, Faulkner was arrested in Pakistan, on a quest to hunt down and kill or capture bin Laden. He was armed with a pistol, sword and night-vision equipment when arrested in the mountains near Islamabad. It was in the foothills north of Islamabad where Navy Seals hit bin Laden’s million-dollar compound Sunday and killed him.
“I was in those mountains when I was arrested,” Faulkner said at his Greeley apartment Monday. “I think maybe I flushed him down out of the mountains into the foothills.”

The balls on Gary Faulkner, eh? Yea Gary, you deserve credit because you were wandering aimlessly around Pakistan like a senile old man looking for a Denny’s. Get the fuck outta town bro. Listen it’s cool that you did that, it was patriotic and all. But don’t fucking get ahead of yourself, you didn’t accomplish shit. You know what I did while you were out there? I stayed stateside and paid my taxes, watched football, and had an American flag hanging outside my window. All three of those things are a shitload more patriotic than spending time in a Pakistani prison.


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