Seal Team Six Movie


I have a great idea for a movie about the Bin Laden story.  A movie about a couple of Navy Seals led by the Rock breaking into Bin Laden’s compound to take his ass out.  It will be like Black Hawk Down except this time America kicks ass.  I’ll have to change a few things though. 1)  Bin Laden’s compound is an impenatrable terrorist fortress with hundreds of guards 2) Only six Navy Seals are dropped in to accomplish the covert Special Forces mission;  and 3) A lot of shit blows up. 

Ryan Reynolds is  on the top of his game right now.  Plus, somebody needs to be cracking jokes as the Navy Seals blow terrorist heads off.

Tyrese Gibson makes perfect sense because he already played a soldier in Transformers.  And it’s a given that every Special Forces squad needs at least one brother to run around with a ridiculously oversized machine gun and shout profanity at enemy forces. 

Chris Evans.  I mean its only fitting considering the fact that he is playing Captain America this year.

Channing Tatum.  Alright so G.I. Joe was attrocious.  This film could be Tatum’s chance to redeem himself.

Matt Damon.  Matt Damon is known for his political views and was even called out by Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner.  Matt Damon proved that he can be badass in the Bourne movies.  Therefore, if we are going on a covert Special Forces mission to take down the world’s most wanted man, I want Matt Damon on my squad.


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