Baby Mama Drama?

NEW YORK — Tina Julian, a 33-year-old nurse in San Diego, says she may not be able to afford child care if National Football League owners and players can’t agree how to share more than $9 billion in annual revenue.

Julian’s concern stems from the child support she gets from her 2-year-old son’s father, New York Jets defensive back Antonio Cromartie, who might be without a paycheck if a new labor contract isn’t reached.

“The money I get from him is definitely important,” Julian said, declining to divulge how much she gets monthly from Cromartie, a free agent who was paid $1.7 million last season. “Something would have to change.”

Cromartie, who according to the New York Post has nine children from eight women, is among the players who may be without work because of the NFL’s inability to reach a collective bargaining agreement with its union. National Basketball Association players may face a similar situation when their contract expires in two months.

NFL and NBA players are lining up to get child support and alimony payments lowered to reflect what would be reduced incomes should their leagues shut down, said attorney Howard Rudolph of Rudolph & Associates in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Here’s a tip, how about you get a fucking job, you broke ass baby’s mama.  Jesus christ.  I’m sick of bitches asking for handouts.  Maybe if you kept your legs closed, you wouldn’t need a child support check.  Fuckin’ Bitch.


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