Teacher of the Year?


Daily MailA teacher has been jailed after being accused of having sex with five of her teenage students during an orgy at her home. Brittni Colleps, a married mother of three, invited the boys to her Texas home for the sex romp and the encounter was filmed on their cell phones.  The 27-year-old’s husband was away overseas duty serving with the US military.  Colleps, an English teacher and girl’s basketball coach, faces up to ten years in jail after being charged with five felony counts of inappropriate relationships between a student and a teacher.  Although all five of the teens involved with Colleps were 18 years of age or older, Texas law prohibits sex between a teacher and a student, regardless of the student’s age.

Wow, story of the year!  Teacher of the year!   Blog of the year?  Free Brittini Colleps!   Free Brittiny Colleps!  I mean seriously, what the fuck?   All the kids were over 18, it was at her house, her husband was out of town.    I mean what else does she have to do to have a gang bang with 5 of her students?   Total horse shit.   Any good judge knows consensual gang bang is okay if all the parties involved are over 18.   It’s like Law School 101.    And how about the husband in the Army overseas calling to check in?   “Hey honey, what are you up today?”  ”Oh, nothing”.   Meanwhile she’s getting bukkake’d in the face.  This is amazing.  They literally gangbanged their teacher.  Wow.

You know, I coach a lot of kids’ sports.  And even though you’re not supposed to play favorites, there’s always that one kid on every team you can’t help but like.  He’s never the biggest kid or the most talented.  Maybe he’s not the most naturally gifted athlete.  But he’s that all-out effort kid who always hustles, always does what you ask him to do.  He’s your Dustin Pedroia or Danny Woodhead that you can’t help but like.  Well in the world of Sex Scandal Teaching, that’s Brittni Colleps.  Sure, God didn’t bless her with the good looks of, say, a Diana Canter.  But she’s got the heart and desire you can’t coach up.  Despite her lack of natural talent, she did something no teacher has ever done:  Did a train… on video… with five students.  Bravo, Brittni.  You may or may not make the Sex Scandal Teacher Starting Lineup at the end of the year.  But you’re the odds-on favorite for the 10th Player Award.


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