Baby Pictures on Facebook?

This is the worst.  Why the hell do people feel a need to put pictures of their ugly, snot-nosed, pink-ass baby on facebook.  Noone wants to see this shit and noone thinks it’s cute.  I really could give two shits if your fatherless, bastard child threw up, cried, or shit itself today.  I can just see the hate mail pouring in: “Oh, but Madchuck, why do you hate babies?”  I don’t hate babies per se.  I just firmly believe that babies have no business on facebook.  There is no quicker way to ruin my day than when I have to see someones ugly ass kid in my news feed.  Just parading your fucking kid out there for all the pedophiles to see.  Yeah, smart move jackass.


Oh, and the worst is when people put up pictures of their ultrasound.  Like a blurry-ass black and white photo of nothing is adorable.  They are always like “can’t you see his tiny little body?”  Get the fuck out of here.  You can’t see shit in an ultrasound pic.  I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be looking at.  That looks more like Guile’s “Sonic Boom” in Street Fighter II, than a baby.

If your profile picture is a picture of your kid …. I hate you.  If your profile pic is your ultrasound…. please kill yourself.


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