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Herman Edwards Rookie Symposium?

June 30, 2011

Herm Edwards addresses players at NFLPA Rookie Symposium. My man Herman Edwards just spitting straight knowlege to the rookies. Real Talk! The symposium helps rookies understand how to manage their money, how to study film, and how to handle themselves on and off the field. Players who don’t attend are more likely to end up being arrested or being out of the league in three years. (See JaMarcus Russell)


Jersey Shore Fake?

June 29, 2011

It’s always been my position that reality TV is as fake as Donald Trumps hair.  I bet like 80% of reality television is fake and /or scripted. People are just too dumb to know it yet.  The above picture is just one of the million reasons as to why the Jersey Shore is fake.  Just look at J-Wow’s socks.  Either those are some kind of magical reappearing socks or this show is as scripted  the WWF (I refuse to call it WWE).

Chris Bosh’s Bachelor Party Looked Cool?

June 29, 2011

I guess if I were going to picture Chris Bosh’s bachelor party this is exactly what I would expect.  Just posted up at Tao with a 5 foot Asian dude rocking a golf shirt tucked in to suit pants.   Chillin.  Lebron and DWade nowhere to be found either.

Umm… where are the strippers, where’s the Cristal, where are the celebrities?  Dirk Nowitski was in a Miami nightclub drinking purple drink with Lil Wayne after they eliminated your ass from the NBA finals.  Bosh, this crew of dudes is the best you can do homie?  Look at the goofy white guy in the top left corner.  Are you shitting me?

Friends with benefits and No Strings Attached?

June 29, 2011

Here’s a mashup trailer of Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached. Do they seem similar? Well they should, because the are the SAME FUCKING MOVIE. Stupid Black Swan chicks. Go away. Stop copying each other. Stop making movies and stick to Maxim and FHM photoshoots.

RB Stabbed before Graduation?

June 29, 2011

Isayah Muller (l.) died in a parking lot altercation that police say his father (l.) started.

Nineteen-year old Isayah Muller of Truman High School in New York City died from stab wounds he received merely hours after graduating from high school. According to a report in the New York Daily News, Muller and his family were leaving his commencement ceremony and on their way to dinner when Muller’s father, Andre Muller, got into a fight with a couple of parking attendants whom his father believed stole some items from the family’s car.

The joyous family had left the commencement at Lehman College around 4 p.m. to head to a celebratory dinner at City Island, cops said.  But after they pulled out of the Jerome Ave. parking lot, the elder Muller noticed some “expensive fragrances missing from the car,” a source said.  He then turned around and drove back to the lot to confront the attendants about the missing cologne, which he had bought as a graduation gift for his son, cops said.  Once back at the M.T. Jerome Town Corp. lot, a furious fight erupted and quickly turned violent as two attendants pulled out knives on the unarmed Mullers, relatives said
“Neither of them were armed,” said Myrna Valentin, 54, Muller’s grandmother. “[Andre] picked up a shovel and snapped one of them with it and broke his arm.”  Isayah Muller was stabbed twice in the fracas – once in his side and once in his chest – as his horrified mother, Rosa, and his girlfriend looked on.

Muller was then put into the car by his family and taken to a clinic ten blocks away before being transported to St. Barnabas Hospital. He died there from his wounds, as his heart was pierced when Muller was stabbed in the chest. In a cruel twist, Andre Muller has been charged with assault and possession of a weapon. The parking lot attendants were still being held for questioning.

Once news of Muller’s death spread Tuesday night, some teammates and friends, including quarterbacks Xavier Hamilton and Jose Taveras, organized a vigil through Facebook. Most of the graduated seniors at Truman went to school to pick up their diplomas then to the football field to remember a friend. Muller was headed to Nassau Community College in the fall.

“Half of my highlight film is because of him,” Hamilton said.   He heard the news while in a movie theater last night.  “It sunk in right away,” Hamilton said. “I know the kind of person that he is. I’m sure he stuck up for his family members in that situation. It’s a shame in had to go like that, but that’s the way that Isayah would go out.”

I’m not trying to make light of this story, but what the fuck?  So the scumbag parking attendant steals a bottle of cologne that you bought for your son.  You’re pissed off, I get that.  But breaking the dude’s arm with a shovel is a little extreme.  What’s even more extreme is the parking lot attendant stabbing this guys son in the chest during the fight.  Jesus.

Like what planet are these people from?  And how about Isayah’s friend saying “that’s the way Isayah would want to go out.”  I beg to differ.  Nobody would want to go out by getting stabbed in the chest by a parking lot attendant with a homemade shank in the midst of a parking lot brawl after his ex-con father completely overreacted and pummeled somebody with a shovel after they stole a bottle of cologne from his car.

CM Punk Kills It With This Rant?

June 28, 2011

I love this. This is easily the best meltdown I’ve ever seen in the WWF (I hate calling it WWE). Better than Bret Hart flipping out after the Montreal Screwjob, better than Hulk Hogan going crazy after Jeff Jarrett laid down for him at Bash at the Beach in WCW, and definately better than Scott Hall showing up to WCW Nitro drunk. CM Punk just completely lost his shit. I don’t even care if this is scripted or not, this was awesome. CM Punk was suspended today for his conduct on Monday Night Raw. I’m not even sure if this is a real suspension or a fake suspension, but does it even matter?

T.O Surgery

June 28, 2011

Terrell Owens‘ plans to return for a 16th NFL season are in jeopardy after he recently had reconstructive knee surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament, NFL Network insider Michael Lombardi confirmed Monday through a league source.

ESPN initially reported Owens’ surgery Sunday night, saying the earliest the six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver could return to action is in mid-to-late November, according to sources familiar with the injury. Owens, 37, is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent once the NFL lockout ends.

How exactly Owens injured the knee remains unclear. One source said he suffered the injury while taping a segment for his VH1 reality show. Another source said Owens injured himself during personal workouts.

If he really did hurt himself while filming a reality show, that would be a terrible way to end his career.  T.O. is 37 years old, he seems to have lost a step, and I don’t know if any team would be willing to take a chance on him.  Regardless of what you think of T.O., he’s a first ballot Hall of Famer.

So Ugly, You’re Hot?

June 28, 2011

I have this argument all the time with my buddies and everyone disagrees with me but I know I’m right. There are some women out there…that are so damn ugly, that they’re actually hot. Don’t understand? Let me give a few examples: 1.) Sarah Jessica Parker.  This broad is so terribly heinous to look at, that it actually turns me on. 2) Cameron Diaz.  Cameron Diaz looks like a wide mouth bass ,all shes missing is the hook in her lower lip.  However, for some odd reason, I’m attracted to her.  3) Uma Thurman.  In reality Uma Thurman looks like some sort of space alien.  I’ve hooked up with hotter girls than her.  But to illustrate my original point, she’s so ugly, she’s hot.  It’s the same reason why former President Bill Clinton picked a chubby Jewish intern to blow his saxophone instead of the millions of hotter, more appealing women at his disposal.  It’s kind of like golf.  Sometimes you hit the ball of the tee so far left or right that it’s in another fairway and you have a wide open shot to the pin. “It’s so bad, that it’s good.”

Spraying Cops with Breast Milk?

June 27, 2011 (Boston)

NYDailynews – An Ohio woman attempted to fight off police trying to remove her from her car by spraying them with her breast milk, authorities said. Stephanie Robinette got into a fight with her husband while attending a wedding at the Bridgewater Banquet & Conference Center in the city of Delaware on Saturday, WBNS 10 News reported. Her husband told police his 30-year-old wife struck him several times, then locked herself in their vehicle. “When deputies attempted to remove Robinette from the vehicle, she advised the deputies that she was a breast-feeding mother,” said Sheriff Walter L. Davis III. As deputies went to restrain her, he said, Robinette “proceeded to remove her right breast from her dress and began spraying deputies and the vehicle with her breast milk.”


I got to be honest. When I first heard about this story I figured she sprayed the cops with a bottle. Not that she was using her tits like a machine gun. Kind of a power move by this bitch right? Like way more intimidating to have milk flying at you directly from the boob as opposed to just a baby bottle. Either way is getting hit with breast milk gross? Does it like melt your skin? Or does it taste good? I don’t even know? Regardless there is only one way for the cops to handle this shit. They need to lap that shit up like it’s fucking sweet honey nectar. Just wipe it on their finger and then suck it down and stare at her right in the eyes while they do it. Total game changer. Puts this slut on the defensive. Like now what? You hit me with your best shot and I got hard. Your move….


June 27, 2011

Stephen Peyser Stephen Peyser #12 of the Johns Hopkins Blue Jays shoots on net against goalie Dan Loftus #4 of the Duke Blue Devils during NCAA Lacrosse Semifinals at Gillette Stadium on May 24, 2008 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Every race has that Sport that defines them. Indians have Cricket, the Chinese have Ping Pong, Black people have basketball, and Mexicans have Lawn Mowing. So it comes as no surprise that white people need a new trademark activity.  Lacrosse, is an elitist activity.  It’s fucking expensive to play, so it keeps most of the minorities out.  I don’t really understand lacrosse.  To me, it looks like soccer with a stick.  But I can be completely wrong.