Deaf, Blind Mute Drunk? (Boston)

Dailycamera – A 23-year-old deaf man, who is blind in his right eye and does not speak, was arrested early Friday morning on suspicion of drunken driving after almost striking several pedestrians and hitting a curb on University Hill, according to a Boulder police report. David Cabral was driving a 2009 silver Toyota Matrix at 2:16 a.m. Friday when Boulder police Officer Jared Moore said he saw the driver sit stopped through part of a green light. After Cabral turned onto Broadway from 16th Street, he allegedly struck the median. When Moore approached the car, passenger Alma Sever explained that Cabral was deaf. She also added that Cabral was blind in his right eye and was from Spain. Sever acted as a translator for Moore. In sign language, Cabral indicated that he drank two beers and two shots about one hour before he was stopped, police said.

I was getting all ready to defend this guy.  I really was.  I mean dude is blind , deaf and can’t fucking speak.  Talk about being dealt a shit hand huh?  So he finally was like fuck it.  I’m gonna have few pops and drive and see what all the hype is about.   I have no problem with that.   Life owes him that much.  But then I find out he’s a Spaniard.   That’s kind of bullshit right?   Like do this shit in your own country.  I have no problem getting run over by a drunk, blind, deaf, mute as long as he’s an American drunk, blind, deaf, mute.    It’s called patriotism.


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