Teen Wolf

And just when I thought that MTV couldn’t get more annoying, they decide to remake Teen Wolf. As if the remake of the Karate Kid wasn’t bad enough? This is sacrilege. This is an abortion.  What’s next, a remake of the original Rocky movie starring Paulie D and Nick Cannon?  Hollywood, don’t get any ideas.

I can just see the executives. “Let’s remake Teen Wolf.” “Make him emo”. “Also make him play lacrosse, only black people play basketball nowadays.” “Put in werewolf hunters”. “Make it exactly like Twilight… kids like Twilight, let’s just copy that.” 

I mean who the fuck are you kidding bro.  Even the promotional poster is a BLATANT ripoff of Twilight.


Fuck You for ruining my childhood memories. First Machoman dies, then Shaq retires, and now this…


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