Rangers and Astros Draft Paralyzed Player?

Former University of Georgia baseball player Johnathan Taylor may never walk again, but that didn’t stop the Texas Rangers from drafting him.

In a feel good moment, the Texas Rangers drafted the partially paralyzed Taylor in the 33rd round of Major League Baseball’s Draft Wednesday. Taylor broke his neck colliding with teammate Zach Cone during a March 6 game. Cone was the Rangers’ supplemental-round pick on Monday, 37th overall.  Texas’ Director of Amateur Scouting Kip Fagg said that Taylor’s selection was “something we felt was right.”

“We would have drafted him either way, regardless of any other circumstances involving his injury or Zach’s draft status,” Fagg told the Associated Press. “Our area scout in Georgia, Ryan Coe, has had a relationship with Johnathan since he was a high school player. The club has always liked his passion and ability as a player.”

Alright, I’m going to go ahead and be the bad guy here and just say it.  If I’m an owner of a baseball team, there’s no way in fucking hell my GM is guilt tripping me into drafting a paralyzed player.  Sorry, I’m not going to do it.  Do I feel bad for the kid? Yeah.  Am I going to waste a draft pick on him?  Fuck  No.  This isn’t like JV soccer where you put the Autistic kid in during the last 2 minutes of the game.  Just when I thought this story was getting out of hand, I read this:

 It also appeared to set a trend in Texas, as the Astros drafted San Jacinto College reliever Buddy Lamothe in the 40th round, according to the Houston Chronicle. Lamothe was paralyzed in a recreational accident last month. Lamothe had an 0.86 ERA this season before the accident.

I mean this is nuts.  I guess that all I have to do to get a major league contract is throw myself in front of traffic.  I know, I know, I’m a dick.  But seriously, this is PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL, you can’t go around drafting handicapped dudes.  And I’m not talking handicap like Jim Abbot (one hand), these guys are in wheelchairs.  No wonder it’s been a billion years since the Astros or Rangers have won a penant.  Could you picture the Yankees pulling a stunt like this?  It just further solidifies my theory that Texans are retarded.


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