Kenny Britt In Trouble, Again?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Titans receiver Kenny Britt has two arrest warrants outstanding in Tennessee, and he is suspected of providing inaccurate information on two separate driver’s license applications.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol issued the arrest warrants April 14. Spokeswoman Dayla Qualls confirmed Monday to The Associated Press that the THP is investigating an issue on Britt’s driver’s license applications. Spokesman Don Aaron said Monday the Nashville Police Department has the warrants that allege inaccurate information was provided on the applications.  “Upon his return to Tennessee, it is believed or hoped that he will come surrender himself on these and be served,” Aaron said. “If he does not, upon his return to the state he is subject to arrest.”

The Tennessean first reported the arrest warrants.  Attorney Jonathan Farmer said Britt will be in Tennessee soon to deal with these warrants, which involve misdemeanor charges.  “We take it seriously, and we want to get it addressed and resolved as quickly as possible,” the attorney said. “When he gets back to town, we plan on doing just that.”  Britt said last August after being stopped by Nashville police for darkly tinted car windows that he had lost his driver’s license, which he later found and forgot to tell state officials. 

This is yet another incident with police for the 2009 first-round draft pick out of Rutgers.  He was arrested June 8 in Hoboken, N.J., after two detectives suspected he was carrying a marijuana cigar. Police did not recover the cigar or find any drugs on Britt, who was charged obstructing the administration of the law, resisting arrest and tampering with or fabricating evidence. He was released and faces a June 16 court date.

Here’s my problem with Kenny Britt:  He’s not a thug, he’s a fucking idiot.  It’s not like he’s trafficking drugs (Jamal Lewis),  killing people (O.J. Simpson, Rae Carruth), or even running down pedestrians while he is drunk and/or high (Donte Stallworth), this fool has an arrest warrant for window tints and misplacing his license.  C’mon man, that’s just stupid.  Kenny Britt is just a pot-head who does dumb shit.

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