Giving Head at Gunpoint?

TheWeeklyViceAnton Malone, a 19-year-old Kentucky man was charged after he allegedly forced a man to perform sex acts on him at gun point – then shot the victim in the leg when he was finished. According to Louisville police, Malone forced another man at gun point to perform oral sex on him behind the Jefferson Community and Technical College building on Saturday night around midnight. Malone then allegedly forced the victim to perform anal sex on him before attempting to sodomize the victim – which was unsuccessful. Malone then forced the man to perform oral sex on him a second time – this time to completion. Once the sex acts were completed, Malone reportedly shot the victim twice in the left leg before fleeing the scene. Investigators say Malone was in custody for other charges when they matched his mugshot up with a description that was provided to them by the victim. He was charged with three counts of sodomy and one count of assault in connection with attack.

Do you know what the worst kind of thug is?  A homo thug.  Gun or no gun, there’s no way in hell I’m blowing this dude.  Alright, maybe I’m being an internet tough guy right now and if I had a gun in my face I would be singing a different tune.  But blow a guy twice?  Ahhh Hell Naw!  I’m telling you right now that there’s a 0% chance that I’ll ever blow a dude, let alone blow a dude twice.  At some point you have to have some self-respect.   I think I would take the gun and blow my own brains out, before I ever blew some Marcus Vick lookin’  motherfucker twice.


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