Kevin Durant Going Ham?

I’m not sure about everybody else but I know I find it damn-near impossible to properly convey to girls just how much better professional athletes are at sports than the average person. Literally impossible to do unless they played a sport in high school that didn’t involve them wearing a skirt (not field hockey or cheerleading). Well how come — what’s his name? — how come Kevin Durant doesn’t just do this in the NBA? Seems like an easy way to score points. Genius commentary, Girl Stereotype.

I’ve spent countless conversations trying to give females an understanding of how much better NBA players are than the rest of us. Showing them that the good high school players go on to play at Division II or III schools, and that only the best of the best players from around the country play at Division I colleges. Then only the best of the best players there get to play in the NBA. Then how only the best of those best get to start. Then how it’s sliced again and only the best of those best ever become All-Stars. On and on. And they never truly understand until they see some 6’9″ freak with a 7 foot wingspan write “GO HAM” on his jersey, toss an alley-oop from the 3 point line, and put the normies in a frenzy after dunking on a rim like it was the plastic Fisher Price hoop your dad used to film you playing with as a toddler. That’s the only way they’ll ever understand. And even then probably not.

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