Rocky’s Varying Degrees of Intelligence?


Rocky Balboa, as initially played by Stallone in the first and second movies, clearly wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. But his slow and “punchy” quality fit his character and made him all the more endearing. In Rocky II, we saw him try and fail miserably at attaining desk jobs and shooting a simple tv commercial (he was far from hooked on phonics). Also, his resume apparently consisted of boxing, boxing, boxing, boxing and chasing down local lowlifes for debt.

Later we saw his wife Adrian patiently helping him with his reading skills. Turns out, she must have been one hell of a teacher. During a montage in part III, Rocky somehow filmed numerous commercials, effortlessly performed in various TV appearances and even seemed to be a relatively competent businessman. It was as if he grew a brain between movies. Furthermore, in Rocky IV he was even the initial voice of reason when his close friend Apollo decided to go out and square off against Ivan Drago.

Interestingly, parts V and VI saw Rocky return to his roots and become “punchy” again. In short, Rocky’s intelligence inexplicably varied depending on the movies. Perhaps another way to look at it is that Apollo Creed knocked some sense into him, but then Ivan Drago knocked it back out.


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