New Tattoo?

Fox Sports Dallas Mavericks rookie Dominique Jones has joined the team tattoo craze. Following Jason Terry’s lead, Jones has tattooed the Larry O’Brien Trophy on his body. But, unlike Terry’s subtle tattoo on the inside of his right bicep, Jones wants the world to know he was a part of a world championship team. Jones, via the Dallas Mavericks official Twitter page, tweeted a picture of his new neck tattoo, featuring the trophy. Out injured since February, Jones did not play during the postseason, but was still considered a part of the team. He participated in the championship parade and celebration last Thursday. Jones played a total of 123 minutes this season…probably the same amount of time it took for him to get the new ink on his neck.

So checking the internet and TV last night everyone was up this dude Dominique Jones’ asshole calling him a loser and making fun of him for tatting the Larry O’Brien trophy on his neck.  Tony and Wilbon basically telling him to fuck himself because he’s just a rookie and didn’t play a lot of minutes and only scored 40 points on the season of something.  Spoken like a whole bunch of ex-JV superstars who blog and comment on TV.   Umm newsflash the dude is on a 12 man NBA roster.  He’s one of 12 people on the entire planet who just won the biggest basketball trophy in the world.  He’s like 20 years old and just won 1 more championship than Lebron.   Maybe he’s not out there dropping buckets during crunch time.  But he’s on his ass for 95% of practice taking elbows to the face from Tyson Chandler and taking practice charges from Shawn Marion and getting beat up in the post by Dirk.  Diving for every loose ball showing that old school hustle the 12th man has gotta show to stick on a squad.  That shit is a grind.  Trust me I made a career on fake hustle, team spirit and shooting 3 pointers.   If I won the NBA title I don’t care if I played 0 minutes and was Brian Scalabrine’s personal waterboy I would tattoo the NBA tropy on both cheeks, the middle of my chest and tip of my fucking dick.


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