Obama stops Crying Baby?

Is there anything that this man can’t do? Barry O’s just straight boss with it right now. He plays basketball, he kills Bin Laden, and he made Donald Trump look stupider than the Portland Trailblailzers in the 1984 NBA Draft (Sam Bowie over Jordan). The man seems to have his personal life together- at least what he shows to the camera. He and Michelle seem to honestly enjoy one another’s company (at the very least), and you can tell he love his kids (and apparently others too). Politics aside, he seems like a nice guy. Plus the republican candidates are so unbelievably utterly absurd, that I can’t cosign on any of them.


2 Responses to “Obama stops Crying Baby?”

  1. Mooreliars Says:

    President Barack Obama: Bad on Politics, Good on American People!

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