7-11 Crash?

http://www.barstoolsports.com (Philly)

NBC – Yeadon police are searching for a woman wanted for a shocking hit-and-run captured on surveillance video. On Thursday, June 9, around 10:30 p.m., police responded to a car accident at the 7-11 store on Church Lane in Yeadon. Police say that 24-year-old Gejea Ejeta, an employee at the store, was struck by a car and thrown through the front of the building. Surveillance video captured the entire incident. The video shows a Dodge Caliber park in front of the 7-11. The female driver and a male passenger then get out of the car and walk to the side of the store. The video shows the two go back into the car several minutes later. The car is then seen backing up and then speeding forward toward the store, striking another car that was entering a parking spot. The car then careens off the other vehicle and accelerates over the curb, striking Ejeta who happened to be standing outside. Ejeta is seen flying through the front window as the car crashes into the store. Another passenger in the car, a woman named Tyhese Pitts, is shown getting out of the car and walking around casually, paying no mind to Ejeta. She then gets back into the car, which begins to back out. As it continues backwards, the male passenger falls out of the car and is almost run over. He gets back into the car and the vehicle flees the scene. Ejeta, an Ethiopian immigrant who speaks little English, was taken to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries. Though Ejeta is recovering well, he’s still not healthy enough to return to work. Police, having identified her from the video, brought in Tyhese Pitts for questioning. They say that she told police that the driver was 32-year-old Willaisha Rankins, a nurse from Upper Darby. Pitts was then released.

I love the fat friend that just walks away from the whole incident like everything’s dandy.Ho Hum, I’m too fat to run so I’ll just be casual and hope nobody notices. That’s a power move. Walk away and ignore the Ethiopian immigrant whose body just got launched through a bunch of glass. I think when you get hit by a car and thrown through a pane of glass while taking out the trash at 7-11, you have to finally realize how shitty your job really is. He could have been working behind the counter or stocking the shelves, but no. He’s the trash guy. He’s the one putting his life on the line day in and day out.

Gejea Ejeta, I know you’re new to this country and may not understand all the rules, but this is your ticket out of being the trash boy for 7-11. Sue everything that moves. The store, the city, the state, the driver, the fat lady who didn’t help you, the other dude that fell out of the car, the company that makes the glass — everybody. And if that doesn’t work, well, maybe you can spin your new found publicity into a better career. Are there any Wawa’s near you?

I can’t really think of a shittier day than Gejea Ejeta just had.  Dude probably woke up at like 4 AM.  In Philadelphia.  Went to work like a 48 hour shift at the 7/11 which is basically more of a safe haven and shelter for vagrants and bums than it is a convenience store.  Got to clean shit off the bathroom walls and hock 50 cent taquitos and 85 ounce Slurpees all for about $5 bucks an hour.  Then to top it all off you go to take the trash out and get plowed through a fucking plate glass window by a Dodge Caliber going like 90 mph.

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