Noseface Killa?

This guy is legend.  According to Wikipedia:

During a scrum near the Vancouver net during game 6 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, Marchand punched Vancouver forward Daniel Sedin in the face several times without receiving a penalty from the officials or retaliation from Sedin. When asked about the incident prior to game 7, Marchand stated that there had been no reason for his aggression – he simply “felt like” doing it. Marchand further elaborated, stating that “[Daniel Sedin] didn’t say anything [to provoke it]. He was just right there. He was just kind of taking it.”[4] The incident further solidified Marchand’s status as an agitator in the NHL.

After winning the Stanley Cup, Brad visited Foxwoods casino with several teammates. After a night of drinking, he visited the casino wearing nothing but a bathrobe and woman’s slippers. While barely able to stand, he played Craps alone until 4 AM. After an elderly woman claimed she saw him urinating under the craps table, he was asked to leave by Casino Security. During a scuffle, he allegedly punched a security guard and fractured his jaw in several places. A pitboss finally recognized who Marchand was, and forced the injured security guard to apologize. Marchand allegedly won an additional $1200 on the next roll. According to onlookers, he left the $1200 worth of chips on the table, and walked out screaming “I’m above the law now”, dropped his robe, and walked back to his room completely naked.


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